The Author

Hello, my name is Jacobo de Vera /xa'kobo de 'βeɾa/ and I am a 33 year old Computer Engineer, father, and husband.

Mine is a story of islands. I was born and bred in the sunny island of Tenerife, Spain. In 2007, I moved to a not so sunny island, Ireland, where I spent 7 years. In 2014, I moved to a landlocked island in the middle of Europe: Swizerland, where I live today.

I like playing guitar and singing, and for a while, I even wrote songs. This is something I hope to retake in the future.

Currently, I spend most of my spare time with my awesome children and wife. When they sleep, though, I write software, or sometimes write about writing software, or simply write.

In software, I like clean and beautiful. At work, though, I try to be more pragmatic and engineery. I like tests and good documentation. I try to remember that when I write software myself.

As usual, Google can tell you a lot more if you ask: Jacobo de Vera

If you want to contact me, you can simply drop me an email, or you can find me in a variety of places, you can see more about that on my main site.

The Blog

I’ve had some form of blog since 2002, mainly personal. Since then I have started a handful of blogs with great intentions but zero commitment.

This time it’s not different.

This blog intends to collect my writings both in Spanish and English about both personal and technical topics. I’ll create separate feeds for the main areas so you can subscribe to one and never see the others.