Destination: Zurich

I’ll summarize, since in the end I didn’t have the time to do the write up I wanted to do. Many of you know that for us it is a priority that our children go to a Waldorf school. The one closest to Dublin is quite far and that was going to mean between two and three hours a day in commuting time. There is also the fact that this school only covers primary education, so after that we would have had to make other plans.

Out of curiosity, we started to look for Waldorf schools in other countries, mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, where this type of schools are more widespread. I started, slowly, to look for possible jobs in places near these schools, and where the working language was English. However, some companies actually answered!, and that was ‘slowly’ out the window.

In November I was in Zurich, in a technical interview that lasted more than five hours, and that in a day when I had woken up with no voice at all, but that is another story. Their offer arrived in mid December and two weeks later, I accepted. It is a small company that probably none of you has heard about, you’ll find out through LinkedIn.

In Zurich, there are four, yes, four Waldorf schools, to which one can get in under half an hour from the offices of this company, although we have a clear a favourite.

So on February 3, after six and a half years in Ireland, we leave everything behind and get on board this new adventure with thrill and not without fears. Our hope is that this one is the last adventure of this kind for a long while. We’d like to settle there and stay, at the very least, for the years that our children will go to school.

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